In this announcement trailer for Foundry we go from the very first steps of building a factory all the way to the end result showing a massive and automated factory, all in one shot with no visible cuts. We wanted to give the spot the feeling that the camera was moving along a conveyor belt as the factory grew more and more advanced. To be able to pull that off with the in game camera tools we had to be inventive and develop a script to be able to design and recreate the camera movement multiple times to be able to match everything up seamlessly. A very technical approach to a very technical game.
In the game your task is to build a huge factory in an infinite voxel world. You mine resources, craft machinery and automate everything to create the largest automated factory you could possibly imagine. It's fun. You should try it!

Developer: Channel 3 Entertainment
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
foundry_storyboard foundry_storyboard
foundry_storyboard foundry_storyboard