During his morning rounds, a traditional dairy farmer stumbles upon an empty stall in the cow shed. One of his cows are mysteriously missing. The farmer sets out on a search together with his wife, determined to find the truth. Their search will lead them deeper and deeper into a mystery that soon will have them questioning themselves and their place in the milky way.   This was the first fictional film written, directed and produced by Artistry. The film had it's Swedish premiere at Göteborgs Filmfestival 2023 and it's international premiere at Santa Barbara Film Festival a couple of weeks later. Since then it has been selected for screening at numerous Oscar qualifying festivals in Europe and the US, and have won awards for “best film”, “screenplay” and “direction”.  


Writer / Director: Torbjörn Edwall
Producers: Matilda Höög & Daniel Hargot
Official Selections: Santa Barbara International Film Festival
HollyShorts (Hollywood, Los Angeles)
Fantasia (Montreal)
Seattle International Film Festival
Göteborgs Film Festival
Awards: Best Nordic Film – Nordic Star Festival
Best Nordic Director – Nordic Star Festival
Best Nordic Screenplay – Nordic Star Festival